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Searching for work from home jobs? Welcome to LegitWorkFromHomeJobsReview.Com, the premier site for finding best work from home jobs. Make money online through best part time online data entry jobs from home. Earn money from home based internet jobs. This website is created to help others find the best and most legitimate work from home jobs on the Internet. Here you will find great offers on all types of part time online jobs like Paid Surveys, Forex Trading, Freelance Jobs and much more. Please go through this website thoroughly and see how you can make money online through work from home jobs.


We have an extensive group of researchers who keep on searching Internet for the websites that offer best work from home jobs. We’ve reviewed literally hundreds of part time online job opportunities and have put together one of the largest work from home jobs directory on the internet. Below you’ll find a list of legit work from home jobs that we’ve tried and are now showing to you. With all of this information and different ways to work from home, you’re sure to find a way to make income that suites your lifestyle and rids you of the 9 to 5 grind that we all know. Now that we’ve put all of these offers in one place, all you have to do is choose! Select one of our "top picks" to start earning money online!


Legit Work From Home Jobs Review


Paid Surveys


Do you know everyday companies pay big bucks to people like you and me just to express our opinions? It's true! Today, all the companies irrespective of their product need market research to find out how people feel about their current products or new products they wish to introduce to new consumers. These companies are dying to know what you think, what you like, and what you dislike. The reason is if they spend a million dollars creating a new product and nobody likes it, they could potentially lose a lot of money. So they reduce this risk by conducting surveys online.


There are many survey sites which are paid by multi national companies to conduct surveys for them for new product launch, upgrading an existing product, evaluating services etc. You will have to register to these survey sites to start earning money taking online surveys. Once you get registered with survey sites you will start receiving survey forms in your E-mail address according to your qualification, profession, hobbies, and interest. You will have to just enter your personal opinion about any particular product or service in the survey form and submit it. It will take 15 - 30 minutes to complete each survey and you will be paid $5 to $75 or more depending upon the length of the survey. Sometimes you will be paid instantly via PayPal. Some companies will pay you by cheque. You will get survey forms almost everyday. The number of survey invitations you will receive depends upon the amount of personal information you will provide during registration. More surveys you fill, more you can earn. You do not have to complete every survey that matches your profile. You can pick and choose which ones you fill out.


Freelance Jobs


Freelancing is a great career choice...and one that anyone can make, starting today. Forget working for someone else - you now have the chance to break free and make great money doing online freelance jobs from home for client around the world. So switch off the alarm clock, and start a new and more relaxed lifestyle - you will never regret it. If you’ve dreamed of running your own home business, then this is your chance to turn the dream into a reality. Yes, you really can make an excellent living, undertaking interesting work for a range of clients around the world, and doing it all whilst working at home. Freelancing is a fantastic lifestyle. You choose the hours, and the kind of work you want to accept. You can select the level of pay that you wish to accept, and create your own income accordingly. This is most suitable for housewives, stay at home moms, students, retires, or even those who have regular jobs but would like to earn more.


Freelancing as a writer is one of the most common ways one can earn a living online. The reason is that there is a great need for new content in millions of websites that exists. New ones are also always coming up every day. If one has quality writing skills, they can be able to own a successful freelance job as a writer. There is also a big demand for freelance online editors. Just as there is a big need for writers, there are companies that require such skills to help in managing online information. Freelance editors help to keep the content clear, easy to read, user-friendly and clean so that web users can have an easy time when reading or searching for information online. If you are familiar with languages, the freelance translators or interpreters job is best among all of the jobs. One can also freelance as an artist. Graphic design jobs are also a common feature on the internet. Graphic designers work by providing clients with freelance designs. There are many opportunities for people who wish to freelance as photographers. Other top online freelance jobs one can consider pursuing include programming, translation, web designing, copy writing, and illustrating.


Forex Trading


If you are looking for a business to make money full time or part time, Forex is the best option. Forex is acronym of Foreign Exchange. Forex Trading is trading currencies from different countries against each other. For example, in Europe the currency in circulation is called the Euro (EUR) and in the United States the currency in circulation is called the US Dollar (USD). An example of a forex trade is to buy the Euro while simultaneously selling US Dollar. This is called going long on the EUR/USD. The most commonly traded currencies are the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Australian Dollar. Foreign Exchange Traders generate profits, or losses, by speculating whether a currency will rise or fall in value in comparison to another currency. A trader would buy the currency which is anticipated to gain in value, or sell the currency which is anticipated to lose value against another currency.


Online Forex Trading is typically done through a broker or market maker. You can open an account with a forex broker and start trading online - from any place in the world, with tens or hundreds of different currencies. You need to find a good, reliable and well-known brokerage company and sign up for an account with it. Then you have to fund your account. You use the money you have in your account to trade. As a forex trader you can choose a currency pair that you expect to change in value and place a trade accordingly. Forex Orders can be placed with just a few clicks and the broker then passes the order along to a partner in the Interbank Market to fill your position. When you close your trade, the broker closes the position on the Interbank Market and credits your account with the loss or gain. This can all happen literally within a few seconds. Any profit that you make, will be added to your account and visa versa. Then you can withdraw the money you have made. If you are interested in joining the Forex market, you only have to have a few things to get you started. First, you need a computer with a high-speed internet connection. Second, you need to choose which Forex brokerage company you should hire. These companies will provide you with the Forex trading platform that you can easily download and install in your computer. A Forex trading platform is either a software program or a web-based service that allows you to trade on the Forex market. It is important for you to choose a trading platform that you are comfortable using. You should also make sure that the trading platform you choose provides accurate and up to date real time information, security, and stability. It is also recommended that the trading platform you choose should provide information on at least 16 currency pairs, execute orders with just a click of the mouse, have charting tools to perform technical analysis, and should also have a recording feature that will store your trading history. With all these features, you can really improve the way you trade in the Forex market and also minimize the risk of losing money.


Below we have listed most popular websites providing opportunity to earn money through Paid Surveys, Freelance Jobs and Forex Trading. They will charge a small one time membership fee. They've researched and listed the best work from home opportunities, and they update their database with new opportunities as they become available. This saves you countless hours of searching and trial and error to find the best work from home job. These websites offer 24/7 customer support, and they'll attend to your problems promptly. All of them also provide 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your results. Checkout our top recommendations below. Read our honest reviews, select the best work from home website and make money online working part time from home.



Rank 1 - Get Cash For Surveys





Get Cash For Surveys provides direct link to members to hundreds of paid survey sites that pay people to take online surveys, participate in focus groups, and test products for their own market research. This information is updated regularly and delivered right through the member’s area.


According to their website, the pay range for the online surveys is $5 to $150. Like other online paid survey sites, Get Cash For Surveys also provides the opportunity to earn cash in other manners. Online Focus Groups, which pay as much as $250 an hour, are one of the more lucrative opportunities available on the site. Phone Surveys are also provided, which pay up to $100 for a half hour survey. Members can also take advantage of Product Testing, where Companies mail out a given product, pay you, and allow you to actually keep the product. Some of the distinct features of Get Cash For Surveys that you might not find on other paid survey sites are the Secret Shopper Program that pays up to $150 an hour simply to shop, as well as the Secret Restaurant Guest that enables members to eat at restaurants for free, and literally get paid for an evaluation on the food and service.


Is Get Cash for Surveys a Scam?


Get Cash for Surveys is not a scam. Because Gary Mitchell is giving 100% money back guarantee. It means that Get Cash for Surveys really works! So, trying out the Get Cash for Surveys is definitely risk free.







Rank 2 - Surveys Paid





Surveys Paid is the latest and the greatest website offering you a full-time income only for taking online surveys. This website shows you step by step how all of their members make over thousands of dollar per year taking surveys with their Paid Survey Database. Paid Survey database means that you don’t need to search for online surveys, they put all the surveys in one place and you choose the surveys according to where you live.


Here’s exactly how the system works:


The process is really simple, you log into your account and then register with the survey sites on the Paid Survey Database. From there you sit and wait for surveys to come in.  When you match the company’s criteria you will be asked to complete a survey and get paid for your opinion. There are many different types of surveys, some long and some short. Members can earn on an average of $20 per survey.


Other than online surveys, there are also other ways you can earn money such as through participation in focus groups that companies will pay $100 or more for your efforts. Also, not every opportunity can be completed at home. Occasionally, you might have to visit the nearest stall and speak to their salespeople before providing the feedback and getting paid for it.


Members can also benefit of 4 extra membership bonuses on how to:


 - Get paid to write articles

 - Get paid to read emails

 - Get paid to eat out

 - Get paid to be a secret shopper


Finding paid survey sites is extremely troublesome, this is where a site like Surveys Paid provides its value to its members by researching these legitimate paid survey sites and allowing members to know for sure whether a survey site is for real in providing surveys for income. Surveys Paid is a constant updating website, has an amazing and fast support team, is totally worth the price. Surveys Paid is one of the most reliable and top performing website that offers great revenues to its members and if you are really concerned about joining a top paid survey site, Surveys Paid is best to start with.







Rank 3 - Legit Online Jobs





Legit Online Jobs is a membership site with over 50,000 registered users that offers databases of hundreds of companies who will pay you to do certain tasks online. The databases will show you which companies to sign up with and what you need to do to earn income online. What you get with the program is access to so many different opportunities that it might take you years to find if you were doing the research yourself. All of their opportunities have been tested and proven to make money for many other individuals around the world. The site is broken down into 14 different sections including: Ad Cash System, Real Home Jobs, Paid Surveys, Paid Shopping, Paid Driving, Paid Email and Web Surfing, Paid Offers, Paid TV, Paid Photos, Paid Blogging, Wholesaling with Ebay, Advanced Money Making from Home, Government Auctions, and Government Grants. Each of these money making techniques is backed up with an introduction on what it all means, step-by-step tutorials and eBooks to help you along. The guides are easy to follow and they provide tips and techniques to making them work effectively.


·         Ad Cash System – The Ad Cash System is a program whereby you type and post ads for a company on free classified sites.

·         Real Home Jobs?- A comprehensive database containing real online jobs. Always remember to research each job that you think is suitable for you. Some training maybe required before hand.

·         Paid Surveys – Get paid to fill out surveys from survey companies.

·         Paid Shopping – Get paid to write reviews about your shopping and dining experiences.

·         Paid Driving – Get paid to drive your own car with your company’s advertising.

·         Paid Email/Surf – Get paid to read email and visit websites.

·         Paid Offers – Get paid to complete free offers from various companies. Similar to survey companies.

·         Paid TV – Get paid to watch and write reviews of TV advertisements for TV companies.

·         Paid Photos – Get paid to take photos and sell them on photo stock websites.

·         Paid blogging – Get paid to write up your blogs.

·         Wholesale/Ebay – Access the best wholesale sources and make money reselling.

·         Government Auctions – Access government auctions all across the US.

·         Government Grants – Find the best sources for all types of grants in the US.


In addition they also provide extensive lists of resources or websites that are relevant to each money making technique. For instance, for the eBay section they include a huge database of websites where you can source products (mostly dropshippers) and for the Paid Surveys section it includes a database filled with companies you can sign up with to start completing surveys.


Although the home page of Legit Online Jobs pushes the Ad Cash System the main benefit for many is the Real Home Jobs section. This is where you can find hundreds of legitimiate, paid by the hour, work at home jobs. It includes data entry, transcription services, editing, writing, translating, assistant type jobs, clerical, research, sales and marketing and much more. There are even jobs that involve you answering customer phone calls in your own home for big companies.


Quite a few of the members of this site take on a few jobs at a time in order to make a full-time wage.


Legit Online Jobs emphasises that none of the services provided on their site requires a further fee to sign up so after the initial payment everything is free.


As well as everything mentioned above there is also a bonus section with over 50 ebooks and video coaching on a variety of subjects including:


·         The Expert Guide to Affiliate Marketing

·         Squidoo Basics

·         One Step to eBay Riches

·         Make Money Without Leaving Your Home

·         How to Get Quick Cash in an Emergency

·         Adsense Secrets


Legit Online Jobs offers free help and support to all members once they have joined.  There is a support team available on hand to answer questions whenever needed.  In addition to this the site has an FAQ section which answers all the questions you may have prior to ordering the product.  There is also a live help button on the FAQ page for anyone wanting to ask another question about the product before buying it.


This product is offered for sale via the Clickbank Marketplace.  This means that buyers are covered by the Clickbank guarantee.  This states that you have 60 days to return an item for a refund from the day you originally purchased it. In addition to this there is a refund policy given on the FAQ page of the Legit Online Jobs website.  You may ask for a refund within eight weeks of registering for the product, provided you have tried it and been unsuccessful in earning money.


Overall we found this to be a great resource for anyone wanting to make money online. The variety of methods means that there is something for everyone and you can pick and choose the money making method that suits you. We definitely recommend it.







Rank 4 - Real Writing Jobs





Real Writing Jobs is a website for freelance writers to find writing jobs. Real Writing Jobs works as a liason between writers and companies, the writer will be an employee of the individual company. Members will have the choice of which freelance writing jobs they are interested in and members of all countries are eligible to becoming a freelance writer and find a writing job through Real Writing Jobs.


Real Writing Jobs is a paid membership website where members will get information on how to apply for freelance positons. Members will also receive training and tutorials on how to become a freelance writer, receive access to hundreds of jobs that are ready to be filled, and receive free writing books and software. There is unlimited help and support included in the membership to make sure that each member can get the best freelance writing positions.


There are all types of writing jobs available - anything from writing blog posts to doing proofreading assignments. If you like to write reviews or articles then the amount of money that can be made is unlimited - the amount of money you can make totally depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest. Most jobs and companies pay immediately upon completion of the assignment through Paypal though each company is different and the payment options will be spelled out before you even sign up for a writing position.


Here is what you will get once you become a member of Real Writing Jobs.


1. Access to thousands of writing jobs

2. Getting Started Guide

3. Special bonus of worth $3780

3. Other bonus


1. Access to Thousands of Writing Jobs


The whole database of writing jobs is divided into four sub categories – Premium Writing Jobs, The Writing Job Database, Write for Magazines, Writing Contests.


Premium Writing Jobs: The premium writing job part is perhaps the most beneficial part of Real Writing Jobs. There are several writing companies who need freelance writers working for them on a regular basis.  In most of the cases, they have a set of online writers and keep posting writing assignments in their site. If you are a part of their freelance writing team, you can check out the assignments according to your convenience. However, searching these companies on the internet and applying is very cumbersome. The section of premium writing jobs in the Real Writing Jobs compiles a large number of such jobs to give you easy access.


The Writing Job Database: In the writing job database, you will be able to access the job postings in freelance job sites like Elance, GetACoder, GetAFreelancer, iFreelance, oDesk, RentACoder. Companies requiring freelance service (writing, programming etc.) regularly post their jobs here. In Real Writing Jobs, you will find very easy access to all these databases collected together.


Write for Magazines: If you are looking to write for magazines, you will definitely find the Real Writing Jobs to be very helpful. Writing for magazine can help you get even up to 500 bucks per article. In the section of write for magazines, you will find a valuable resource of magazines that will publish your work and pay you very well.


Writing Contests: The writing contests section lists several writing contests. Some of these contests even give 40k bucks to the winners.


2. Getting Started Guide


Apart from the database of these writing jobs, you will find a tutorial on getting started as a freelance writer.


3. Special Bonus of Worth $3780


As your special bonus your will get access to worth $3780 of tools and e-books. It contains 24 very useful writing tools and books. Example of these tools includes 


  • Novel Writing Software

  • Mind Mapping Software (this powerful piece of software will help you plot the perfect piece of fiction)

  • The Writer’s Best Friend (great tool do all the research for you. It’ll provide references, search Wikipedia, check your spelling, provide synonyms & more)

Some of these e-books are 

  • Great Ideas for Fiction

  • 12-Step Inspiration Program (12-step mini-course from Michele Bardsley and Sue Charnley to unblock your writer’s block)

  • How to Structure Your Short Story

  • The Art of Writing


4. Other Bonus


Your other bonus includes the following:


250 Free Business Cards: Get 250 business cards to hand out advertising your availability as a freelance writer.


MaxType Lite Typing Software: MaxType LITE Typing Tutor is a free typing tutor for Windows. This program allows you not only to test and practice your typing skills with any *.txt file, but to print out your test diplomas.


A Guide to Getting Started with At Home Customer Service Jobs: A guide to getting started with customer service is written by Dustin Heath. In this guide, you will receive very simple and helpful tips on how to get started with a customer service job and a big list of companies offering such jobs.


Real Writing Jobs can be useful for new freelance writers who have absolutely no idea how to get started or are having difficulty finding freelance writing assignments. If you need help for finding your first few writing assignments, Real Writing Jobs may be able to help you.







Rank 5 - eToro





Etoro is a retail forex broker with a fresh new take on forex trading, that will likely appeal to many who have long wanted to try their hands and making money with forex trading, but have been put off by the technicalities and ‘lingo’ of traditional forex broker. Based in Cyprus, the eToro company is led by a group of finance professionals, software developers, and marketing experts. EToro’s platform is available for download as well as a web based version for traders on the go who want to access their account at any time. Besides forex, eToro also allows trading in Gold & Silver, Oil & CFDs.




·         Headquarter: Limassol, Cyprus

·         Web based & Downloadable Platform

·         Trading offer: all major currencies, commodities (Silver, Gold and Oil) and indices (S&P500, NSDQ100, DOW30, FTSE100, DAX30 and CAC40)

·         Free Demo Account Available

·         Guided Tutorials

·         Minimum Deposit $50

·         Accepted payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Moneybookers, Neteller, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, WebMoney

·         Bonus: from $25 to $1,000 (according to your deposit size)

·         Spreads: from 2 pips

·         Leverage: 1:5, 1:10, 1:25, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:400

·         Minimum Transaction Size after leverage: $1,000

·         Free $25,000 trading contests

·         Withdraw commission: No

·         Personal Trading Coaches

·         Trader Chat Rooms

·         OpenBook application

·         Micro Lot Trading


The biggest advantage Etoro is that the platform is quite simple and intuitive so traders can focus on the market and their trades rather than having the hassle of learning new software. The Etoro trading platform offers two different modes, a visual one for beginners and an expert mode for experienced traders. The visual mode is designed to make forex trading enjoyable and easy to learn without all the hassle of complicated software and indicators. Expert Mode is designed for professional traders and offers access to advanced tools and information, centralized in a single window, from multiple indicators to a financial calendar. Traders can trade either currencies or commodities in Expert Mode and can also opt for One Click Trading, which will save the trade settings and allow for the execution of a trade with one click.


Etoro offers vast training resources as well as a demo account that functions in real market conditions because there is no better way to learn than to practice. This means that users will be executing trades in live market conditions but they will be using demo money to do so.


A new account can be funded with a minimum of $50. There are a variety of ways to fund a live trading account – an immediate deposit by credit card, PayPal, or Neteller, or payment methods such as wire transfer, Western Union, or MoneyGram that take a few days to fund. Etoro also offers new accounts a bonus of up to $1,000 depending on the account and deposit made. For example, a deposit ranging from $100 to $399 will receive a $25 bonus, a deposit of up to $1,000 will receive $100 and so on and so forth.


Etoro is a cheap broker. Their spreads (the broker commission on a trade) is only 2 pips for currency pairs and there’s no set commission, which is very nice and in addition the leverage is one of the best around at 400:1. Such a large leverage means that you can make money more easily and quickly even by just trading small amounts. In essence it means you can trade $400 with just $1 giving you the potential to make much bigger gains from each individual trade.


Etoro is very customer oriented and thus offers excellent support. Support tools for traders include online chat, guided tutorials, a glossary, trading e-guide, live training over the phone. Accountholders also have access to economic info, market analysis, charts, live trader forums, and technical analysis. The customer service line is a 24-hour operation and support is offered in English, German, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Italian. In Etoro’s community you will find two special features: the chat and the Openbook. While the private and public chat is a very familiar feature, the Openbook is something completely new. On Etoro Openbook you can see what real people trading in real time, so you can follow the ones you like most or just the platform’s top performers. This feature is unique to eToro and not available with any other forex broker.


No matters if you have a demo account or a real money account, you will automatically enter the monthly challenges. Etoro awards every month top 30 demo traders and top 30 real money performers with instant cash prizes.


Etoro has one of the best forex trading platforms that you could find right now. In 2010 Etoro was awarded the “Most Innovative Trading Platform” by World Finance Magazine. All in all Etoro has quickly become one of the worlds leading brokers - if you want a safe, secure, and easy-to-use platform look no further, Etoro is for you.







Rank 6 - FAP Turbo





FAP Turbo is one of the most popular Forex robots currently available. From launch it has been a massive hit amongst forex traders worldwide not only for its excellent forex system and unique algorithm but also for the customer support, price and frequent updates. Fap Turbo was created by Mike, Steve Carletti and Ulrich in 2008. The writers of the program have live proof displayed at all times on their website to show how well this EA performs. FAP Turbo's winning rate in the past few years has been 95% on average, and live testing is showing an even higher success rate.



  • Custom 1-click installation

  • Easy step by step Video Tutorial

  • Little investment (can start with $50)

  • Trade multiple currencies at the same time

  • Automatic 100% hands free

  • Automated risk scalping

  • High trading activity (up to 20 + weekly trades)

  • High spread protection system

  • Build in loss prevention

  • Extremely low drawdown

  • Profit on backtests


Its download page is methodical, and will guide you step by step through what you need to do, while accompanied by instructional videos every step of the way! Further exploration of the member’s area also reveals a lot more videos that deal with practically everything that you could possibly wish for, and a very comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section. Once the FAP Turbo itself is installed, you should be able to get it running in no time at all. By just following the aforementioned video guides, you’ll find that everything falls into place fairly easily. Along the way, you’ll be able to choose between the two main trading strategies of the FAP Turbo, namely the Long-Term Strategy or the Scalper Strategy. If you’re familiar with forex, you’ll recognize the Scalper strategy as an excellent aggressive way to make short term profits, and it is one of the areas in which the FAP Turbo appears to excel.


To make things even easier, the program eliminates the need for risk money and it grants access to complete, fully functional features at no cost. In other words, for two months, you can use FAP Turbo in test mode to see how well it works. Should the program be less than satisfactory, you can request and receive a full refund. But you aren’t restricted to a 2-month trial period. FAP Turbo also grants access to an unlimited demo account. The demo account demonstrates how the program works and it gives you the opportunity to experiment with Forex trading before committing to the real thing.


Nevertheless, one of the most convenient and sought after features of FAP Turbo is its automation. This one feature alone frees you from having to manually monitor the market. What’s even better is the program automatically determines the best times to trade. It actively seeks out opportunities and then makes the transaction itself. You merely need to run the program to benefit. Nothing else is required.


Another sought out feature of FAP Turbo is the low start up cost. You can trade with just $50 – again, with no need for risk money, which only lower costs even more. If you compare that with stock trading and all the other minute hidden costs that often accompany currency trading, your savings are even bigger.


The thing that makes this forex robot so successful is that it is constantly being updated. The owners strive to keep it the best robot in the world, so their constantly updating the algorithm to keep it up to date with the current market conditions.


The support team is great, both email and phone support is available. Together with the Frequently Asked Questions on the Sales Pages as well as the VIP Members Area, you will get answers to you questions very quickly and efficiently.


This software can be used by a beginner or an expert. Newbies will like the simplicity while experts will like the ease of use. If you don't like trading the market automatically then this isn't going to change your mind, but if you don't mind taking the easy way then this is probably the best product you can get. We highly recommend it!






If you think you would stay at home, pick your own hours, and spend time with the people you love, then this job is for you! You will love the flexibility this will give to your life! You can work wherever, whenever you wish. You control your own schedule and there are no deadlines to meet.  Now you can become financially free and earn multiple streams of income like us using the exact system we personally use. Start living your life the way you choose.


This is not like other work from home job offers. It is the most genuine and proven work from home opportunity which we are offering you after years of research and hard work. All you need is to get registered in these websites and start earning money from home. If you are serious about making money online, then this is probably the best opportunity you can ever find. Don't miss this opportunity.



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